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21.04.2017 a 16.05.2017

Graphic identity ideas contest

Open call

When: When?: Phase 1: Until 14:00hr 16th May 2017

Ideas contest for the selection of the graphic identity proposal to be used for the recycling and environmental good practices campaign carried out by the Madrid City Hall on its own terms or by those agreed on with the Integrated Management Systems.


The Área de Gobierno de Medio Ambiente y Movilidad del Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Madrid City Hall´s department in charge of mobility and environment) through the Dirección General de Servicios de Limpieza y Residuos (Sanitation & Waste Management Department).

This contest is called under the agreements reached with the management companies in the Integrated Management Systems (I.M.S) with the aim of establishing the framework for a collective graphic identity for any communication and awareness campaigns that might be carried out in future.

This collaboration, and the contest as a result, aims to come up with a logo, claim, and graphic identity that can be used in any future campaigns carried out by the City Hall, both by itself and by agreements reached with third parties.

DIMAD acts as the Technical Secretariat for this contest.


The aim of this contest is to select the best proposal to create a graphic sign of identity, a motto (phrase or concept) and a basic graphic identity handbook or style manual to be used as a collective graphic identity present in all communication and awareness actions carried out by the managing companies of I.M.S (ECOEMBES, ECOVIDRIO, AMBILAMP, ECOTIC, ECOASIMELEC, ECOFIMATICA, ECOLUM and ECOLEC) under the framework of the current agreements with Madrid City Hall (Department of Mobility and Environment through the Sanitation & Waste Management Department) or those projects which the City Hall may carry out by itself, bearing in mind that it must meet the requirements set out under Terms and Conditions.

type of contest

This is a contest of ideas that will take place in two stages. A jury will select the best ideas devised by the contestants who enrol and meet the specified Terms and Conditions

Participation requirements

Spanish or foreign individuals and private entities may take part in this contest as long as they have full legal power and technical and professional solvency as specified under the Terms and Conditions. Temporary collaborations are also accepted. For collaborative presentations, each group must designate a spokesperson to communicate with the contest managers.

For further information, see Terms and Conditions.


Stage 1. Enrolment

This stage of the contest is open to all and will be made effective by the appropriate submission of the required documents, specified under Section 6.1. of the Terms and Conditions. The assessment of the documents will be carried out by the Technical Secretariat

Stage 2. Proposal

For this stage of the contest, only the contestants who, having been accepted by the Jury, are invited to submit their proposal (and who accept the invitation), will take part. The number of selected participants in Stage 2, will never be more than five.

The awards granted to the contestants are specified under Section 3 of the Terms and Conditions.


The contestants who make it to stage 2 of the contest will receive €1000 each (VAT not included).

The winner of the contest will be awarded an additional €9000 (VAT not included).

For further details see the Terms and Conditions.


Stage 1. Enrolment

The contest application deadline will be on May 16th 2017 at 14:00hr as specified under Section 6.1 of the Terms and Conditions.

Stage 2. Proposal

The deadline for the proposal presentation will be on 30th June 2017 at 14:00hr, as specified under Section 6.2 of the Terms and Conditions.

Jury´s actions and decisions

Making-up: 26th May 2017.
The contestants selected to submit their work on Stage 2, will be notified on May 31st 2017.
The Jury´s decision will be made public as from July 5th 2017.

terms & conditions of the contest

Acceptance of the terms and conditions is a requirement to enrol.

Download  Terms and Conditions here.


Self-employed professionals legally eligible to invoice.
Enrol here.

Legal entities
Enrol here.


For any enquiries, contact us at, or at the phone number (+34) 676 593 755

Phone Service for Contestants (exclusively):
From Monday to Thursday: 12:00-14:00 hrs & 16:00-18:00 hrs;

Fridays: 12:00-14:00hrs

documentación de utilidad para la inscripción

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