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Collaborating Members

DIMAD´s inclusive nature allows us to strengthen our work strategies in the business world. There are currently eleven companies collaborating with the Association.

BD Madrid


b.d.´s story is that of big companies born from big dreams. Stories of young architects with strokes of incomprehensible rebellion, who one day decide to start meeting in the garage of one of them to design their dream house or a chair they would like to find in stores but no one dares to commercialize.

Suddenly, what started as child´s play, became a productive philosophy that aimed to break moulds, even commercial ones.

Bocaccio Design (the secret of its initials has been revealed), was founded in Barcelona at the beginning of the 70´s by Pep Bonet, Cristian Cirici, Lluis Clotet, Mireia Riera and Oscar Tusquets as a means of producing all the objects ( furniture, pieces, accessories) that didn´t exist in shops.

b.d.madrid was set up in 1977 true to these values, developing an educational and informative approach to design from the very beginning. b.d. currently represents one of the most recognisable and exportable brands in Spanish design,


Address: Calle de Villanueva, 5, 28001 Madrid
Telephone: (+34) 914 35 06 27



Bloombees is a 2.0 Instant Commerce platform. It is the first cross-device service for sale through social networks. It allows small and medium sized brands to  sell their products all around the world in under three minutes. Blombees is an app that allows the user to post, sell, and receive payments through social networks by removing the barriers that companies have to face on an everyday basis. Thanks to Bloombees, designers can delegate all online sales management and fully concentrate on production.

Address: Calle de Serrano, 20, 28001 Madrid
Telephone: (+34) 912 79 11 00



Brizzolis is the result of the many years’ experience in the graphic arts sector of its three founding members.

Three careers that almost two decades ago decided to devise a new path and create Brizzolis: a benchmark company for high quality art book printing.

Their work philosophy based on technological innovation, high professional experimentation and a familiarity with customers that transcends that established between providers. They aim to become a collaboration with a common pursuit.

Address: Calle Sierra Morena, 23, 28320 Arenas (Las ), Madrid
Telephone: (+34) 916 91 91 30



Empty´s activity is based on the development of original projects that must meet complex standards, where material execution and design are priorities. The work they produce is always in highly demanding and stimulating creative and innovative contexts.





FINSA is a pioneer in the production of chipboard and MDF wood in the Iberian Peninsula. In 1931 it began its industrial activity in a sawmill in Portanxil (Ames). A few years later, in 1937, Mr. Manuel García Cambón began shaping the business project that later, in 1946, became the company known as FINANCIERA MADERERA S.A.

They were aware from the beginning of the responsibility that came with their choice of wood as an element to transform and develop solutions. They learned from it and incorporated many of its properties into their organization: its versatility, strength, emotional proximity to people, and the warmth and comfort it provides to society. In the same line, their wide commercial range of products are present in people´s everyday lives, as part of their beloved environment.

The company grew without losing track of their background, with business sustainability and raw material supply always present. This attitude has led Finsa to earn the respect of the main markets and the society in which it operates.

Their wide range of products includes the following: wood boards, chipboard, superPan boards, MDF boards, melamine coated boards, plywood covered boards, planked boards, laminated floors, furniture accessories, and much more for you to discover.

Telephone: (+34) 981 05 00 00

Gráficas Muriel


Established in the mid 80´s in Madrid, Gráficas Muriel is devoted to providing graphic production services. The professionals that make up its team are highly qualified, and specialize in paying attention to the detail each graphic project requires.

Proof of the high technical level of its team are the numerous collaborations carried out with renowned designers that place Gráficas Muriel as a benchmark in the sector.

Muriel is a company associated with DIMAD, from where it fosters the local design ecosystem as part as its commitment to the community. Since 2013, Gráficas Muriel has taken part in the magazine Experimenta, thus reinforcing the importance of paper in our times and its interaction with new digital media.

Address: Polígono Industrial Los Olivos, Calle Investigación, 9, 28906 Getafe, Madrid
Telephone: (+34) 916 84 62 47



Garrigues is the largest law firm in Spain. With wide experience in the provision of high quality services to cater for the needs of their national and foreign clients.

From its origins, Garrigues has been well known for its commitment to first class professional standards and for its innovation.

Garrigues is an independent firm that offers comprehensive services. It has over 2000 professional staff members working in twenty-nine branches spread throughout Spain and Portugal. It also has offices in Brussels, Casablanca, New York, Shanghai, Warsaw, Tangier, Bucharest and Miami.

Garrigues has fostered Affinitas, an alliance fully associated with the main law firms in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. It is also a member of Taxand, the first global network of independent, exclusively fiscal firms, with over 2,000 professionals from more than forty firms from the five continents.

Address: C/ Hermosilla, 3, 28001 Madrid
Telephone: (+34) 915 14 52 00

Monkey Forest


Monkey Forest is the Company in charge of coordinating Mercado de Diseño, one of the best-known emerging design events in Spain. Mercado de Diseño has established itself as a platform that brings products closer to designers, professionals, suppliers and the general public, thus creating a system of direct retail between designers and users. From the beginning of this initiative, Mercado de Diseño has developed its activity almost exclusively at the Central de Diseño de Matadero Madrid which, with a massive attendance rate, has established itself as one of the most interesting monthly culture and leisure activities in the city.


Simple Informática


Simple Informática was established in 1997 with the aim of offering global solutions for small businesses, which are the foundations of modern society, and to provide them with the capabilities of big companies. And do so in a clear, simple manner, avoiding unnecessary complexities and allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their own business.

Since its foundation, our main objective has been to be a technological bridge that allows the client to improve productivity, competitiveness and, consequently, profit thanks to a correct use of technology.

Address: Calle Rio Guadalquivir, 5, 28913 Leganés, Madrid
Telephone: (+34) 916 94 77 06


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