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Media partners of DIMAD



Experimenta is a platform specialized in graphic and industrial design, architecture, technology and visual communication. It began its activity in 1988 determined to boost project culture in Spain.




Houzz is a webpage on architecture, interior design, deco, garden design and home improvements. This platform and its phone apps feature pictures, articles, product recommendations and a user forum. The company was established in 2009 and its head office is located in Palo Alto, California


Nokton Magazine


Nokton Magazine was born in difficult times when access to culture is getting harder due to the increase in VAT and the reduction of funding as a result of the economic crisis. In some way, it makes us feel better to realize that it is at times like these when the best ideas occur. Nokton is just one of the many cultural projects that aim to enlighten in these days of darkness.  

Nokton Magazine proposal is that of a swimming pool in July: a real chance to escape the tediousness of unemployment and the economic limitations, a product of precarious employment. This online magazine is the creation of six journalists specialized in culture that propose low cost and high quality cultural consumption.




Volavérunt is a free, paper-based, cultural magazine which is published every three months. It firmly believes that culture is not a luxury we can dispense with. Volavérunt encourages reading, this is why it pays attention to the quality of the object: from the printing paper to design, which is a main feature of the project. And, of course, attention to content, where the search for quality is the main goal.


ROOM Magazine


Newsletter on industrial, graphic and interior design, architecture, fashion, art and other contemporary forms of expression. Aimed at an intellectually restless audience.


More with Less


Digital magazine that publishes work done by architects, designers and photographers around the world. As its motto indicates, (more with less) they opt for design that is functional, reduced to the basics and that avoids ornamentation.


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