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Central de Diseño is a space located at Matadero Madrid. With a total surface area of 1,600 sq. metres, distributed throughout several areas, ideal for holding exhibitions, catwalks, lectures, pop up stores, conventions, etc., and other available areas for training activities, workshops, showrooms, and other minor events. Central de Diseño has the surface area, projection platforms and media, sound systems, free internet access and seats for over a hundred people.

Available rooms

– Main Gallery
–  “Columnas” (Column) Room
– Expansion
– Cube Room

Main Floor Plan

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For further information on Central de Diseño´s spaces, contact us at espacios@dimad.org.


347.30 sq. m

It is the closest area to Central de Diseño´s main entrance, which makes it the space with the most visibility and easiest access to the public. It is an area with great lighting versatility due to its pleasant natural light, which comes in through a translucent wall that can be gradually darkened through a system of electric blinds which can be controlled by sections. Ideal for exhibitions, stands, presentations, photography sessions and fashion shows.

Column Room

412.55 sq. m

Beautiful room of square proportions, with haunting natural light that can be adjusted by a system of electric blinds. Ideal for exhibitions, fashion shows, large venues, parties, photography sessions and massive participation workshops.


202.90 sq. m.

The Expansion is the middle section between the two main large areas, (the Gallery and the Column Room). It has the same features of natural light and gradual darkening as the Hall. Ideal for exhibitions, stands, lectures, presentations, photography sessions, etc.

Cube Room

94.40 sq. m

This area has a special charm because it combines the features of both the exhibition and conference rooms. It can be isolated from or incorporated into the main space through a system of revolving doors. It also serves as a dressing room for fashion shows.

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