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REPLIC_AGE 2014 was a venue made out of several events set up by DIMAD with the collaboration of Makespace Madrid. The aim of this venue was to foster interaction among designers, fab labs and machinery, material, software, service and digital manufacturers. These communities openly share their experiences and discoveries, and are able to rethink the way we conceive product manufacturing and the exchange of production, consumption, industry and market from a modern point of view.

Design will undoubtedly have to face a challenge when applying these new production models. Not only by approaching new procedures, but also by finding different ways of collaborating and sharing spaces. These work methods are gaining strength among collectives who frequently use digital manufacturing labs, where they experiment with new ways of producing objects. Most of them are, of course, designers, but with very different professional backgrounds. When we speak of design, we do it openly. Design is not only a tool to shape and perfect performance and communication. Design is also the user´s experience, strategic design for businesses, to see the emotional side of things or to design an environment.

REPLIC_AGE 2014 comprised two main areas: REPLIC_AGE Fair and REPLIC_AGE Fest. These hosted several areas and activities.


A place where designers, makers, fab labs and other digital manufacturing spaces, as well as machinery, service, supplies and software manufacturers met to showcase the latest from this amazing world.

In this event, we saw the latest innovations in digital production, 3D printing, 3D scanners, laser cutters, research and experiments by fab labs and universities, self-editing design products, etc. This was the perfect space for sharing innovation experiences and collaborating from different perspectives.

REPLIC_AGE Fair was open to the public for three days admission free.

REPLIC_AGE Fair included:

  • Invention table: stalls for designers and markers to showcase their work, among our guests we found designers such as Mmodulus, Redo-me, Quilo or ControlIMAD.
  • Stands for fab labs and other digital manufacturing spaces such as: Los Hacedores, IED Design or Colaboratorio UPM.
  • Stands for businesses: For manufacturers, distributers and suppliers of machienery, materials, software, or services related to digital manufacture such as: Materialise, Printed Dreams, Laser Projects, BQ, SCA Soluciones Cim Avanzadas, Moebyus or Sicnova 3D.


The festival brought together the most prominent design professionals and the latest experiences in digital manufacture made by fab labs and makers in the field of design.

In this event we had the opportunity to listen, see and learn how the technological revolution is advancing. The visitors discovered the best works of digital manufacturing and its applications In the design of the future.

REPLIC_AGE Fest also hosted a series of presentations and lectures on a selection of proposals of certified quality which will open the eyes of the sceptics, and raise debate among the experts.  The lecturers were selected according to the relevance to the topic they had developed in the use of design for digital manufacturing.

REPLIC_AGE Fest included five parallel events:

  • Presentations and lectures
  • Networking area
  • 3D Printing Event
  • Workshops
  • Application workshop
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