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DIMAD Manifesto

Design is not a branch of art, although it is intricately related to the creative process.
But, above all, design cannot be an end in itself.
We design in the environment for the environment.
Design must be a discipline of public use.
That is why design is the future.

_let us talk about Madrid

Something is happening in Madrid. Something related to its vital and open character. With the energy of a city that moves fast, is slightly chaotic, always seems unfinished but it is now starting to believe in itself.

A city where the tendency to fuse and mix becomes evident and particularly expressive.

A city of contrasts, where almost anything is possible, and where, however, everything is still to be done.

_designing in Madrid. designing in the world

Nowadays, barriers are blurred and distances shorten

There is no Madrid design. There is design in Madrid and design made from Madrid

But Madrid, like all big cities, is a crossroad. A gateway city and a bridge city. A bridge between Ibero-America and Europe, between Europe and Africa. Between North and South. Between the rich and the poor worlds.

It is a time for opening doors and this is an open city

We take advantage of that coincidence.

_design, more design

Design changes things. But we have found that out later than the other big cities and, although we are advancing fast, there is still a long way to go.

Public institutions and companies, still don´t clearly understand who makes design, how to order it, and how to apply it to be able to benefit from all the advantages it can generate.

_designers in Madrid

Designers, of whom there are quite a few in Madrid, must play a key role. Companies and society itself, must do their bit too. But it is us, the professionals in the world of design in all its different fields- industrial, graphic, event, installation, multimedia, digital, textile, fashion, and people that work around design- who must let society know who we are and what we do.

To prove that design is not only a leading cultural asset, but also an axis for economic progress

To use design with an educational perspective, through design itself, is currently our main objective.

_drafting a project throughout the current autonomous regions map

Until recently, bearing in mind the current Autonomous Regions map, design in Madrid has had no representation.

In nearly all Comunidades Autónomas (Autonomous regions), regional professional associations have been formed in the last few years. Madrid was the only one that, until now, had remained without a regional professional association in the field of design. This entails an enormous practical waste of opportunities and the underuse of existing methods and paths.

_diverse but together

DIMAD has been a necessary Project for a long time.

A Project to combine the forces of professionals that used to generally work alone.

Professionals with years of experience who have opened a space where they develop their activity in a complex field, and young professionals who are starting to fight to build their own career trajectory. Individual work must now be completed with a common project.

Only by uniting will it be possible to create a more favourable environment for design. For all design.

_design, think, write, project…

DIMAD starts off from a very wide concept of design. Design understood as a culture project. In this open concept idea, everybody working on, interested in or involved, in one way or another, with design is welcome: designers, teachers, architects, publishers, art directors, managers, people in business, students, historians, critics, etc.

_diversify income

DIMAD seeks different funding methods other than fees. Lowering the price of these allows young people with low incomes to participate.

The Association must foster activities that carry out our objectives and generate, by themselves, the necessary income to manage and maintain the Association.

_analyse and promote design and designers

DIMAD´s main objectives are aimed to foster and promote Madrid based designers and members of the association:

  • Thoroughly map out design in Madrid in all its fields.
  • Create a Design User’s Manual for businesses, institutions and professionals themselves.
  • Foster and host Shows and Exhibitions to disseminate the work done both in Madrid and by the members of the association.
  • Help to create the conditions for designers to be properly acknowledged, and for the intellectual property of their work to be protected and all that this implies.
  • Promote interaction between businesses and designers and share the strategies of the companies that support design or collaborate with DIMAD.

_let us design the future

The students of today are the designers of tomorrow. DIMAD will establish permanent contact with all Madrid´s training institutions, both public and private. Professionals must get involved in education in the same way that teachers should develop a professional activity.

_publicise design through an open centre

Un objetivo esencial es conseguir que la Central de Diseño de Matadero Madrid se consolide como un Centro abierto para empresarios, estudiantes y diseñadores. Convirtiéndose en un difusor de la cultural del Diseño para toda la sociedad madrileña, en un espacio de uso cotidiano para todos los socios de DIMAD.

Y en un referente internacional de primer orden.

_design as a means, not an end

Design is not a branch of art, although its intricately related to the creative process.

But, above all, design cannot be an end in itself.

We design in the environment for the environment.

Design must be a discipline of public use.

That is why design is the future.

Download the Manifesto here.

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