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di_álogos are laidback talks where different people meet to debate on a particular aspect of design, to show their processes and projects and to share doubts, concerns and problems they encounter in their professional day-to-day life.

This activity is sponsored by Cervezas Ámbar.

Di_álogos is an initiative set up by DIMAD, which aims to generate periodical interactions to debate on a particular aspect of design. To achieve this, five design professionals specialized in the specific topic at hand will tell us their professional experiences regarding the issue. Once their talks are over, a debate involving the audience begins.

Professionals and agents from publishing design, museography, packaging design, structure design or self-production, among others, have participated in each of the editions.

This initiative is managed and coordinated by the DIMAD team. All the contents are decided through an open call to all our members. This allows di_álogos content to be diverse and heterogeneous.

Hemos realizado estos di_álogos:

di_álogos sobre portadas de libros

Con Paco Lacasta y Sonia Sánchez (Estudio Sánchez / Lacasta), Ena Cardenal, Natalia Mirapeix (ene13) y Pablo Ferrer (Mola Studio).

di_álogos sobre cartón estructural

di_álogos sobre sobre gráfica y artes escénicas

Con Jacobo Gavira (Diseñador de Teatro del Barrio), La Troupé (Estudio encargado de realizar la imagen de Frinje 2016), Atlas (Formas de olvidar/Frinje 2016), Tres Tipos Gráficos (Estudio encargado de realizar la imagen de La Abadía) y La Joven Compañía.

Actividad en colaboración con Frinje 2016.

di_álogos sobre diseño expositivo

di_álogos sobre autoedición y autoproducción

di_álogos sobre triple balance

di_álogos sobre mujeres, diseño y creatividad

Con Soledad Hernández (DIMAD), Paloma Ávila (Half & Twice), Ana G.Angulo, Sylvia García (Fedrigoni  España), Nerea Goikoetxea (Espadaysantacruz Studio), Laura Pol (RAL167), Marta Valea (Mondo Galería)

En colaboración con Half and Twice Studio y Ladies, Wine and Design Madrid.

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