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Fundación Diseño Madrid

Fundación Diseño Madrid, was established on December 1st 2006 on the initative of the Asociación Diseñadores de Madrid, DIMAD. It currently has over 400 members.

Fundación Diseño Madrid´s lines of action focus on the dissemination of Madrid´s design by setting up strategies to improve and optimize interactions between designers and companies with special attention to Ibero-America and Europe, and to collaborate with other Spanish organizations that specialize in Design Promotion.
To acomplish these objectives, Fundación Diseño Madrid has at its disposal a space for the Promotion of Design at Matadero Madrid: The Central de Diseño; The management of this space is the result of an agreement with Madrid City Hall.

Fundación DIMAD has hosted many events in this space such as the Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID) or Design Month, with support and collaboration from the Dutch, Finnish and French embassies.

In Institutional terms, the Foundation has collaboration agreements with many public institutions and companies, actively collaborating with them in projects such as “Diseño en Madrid”, a Strategic Plan for Industrial Design done for the Dirección General de Industria, Energía y Minas (Department of Industry Energy and Mines) of the Comunidad de Madrid; or by creating Factor Diseño, a platform for local businesses that aims to establish design as a benchmark for economic and business development.


  • The range of action of the Foundation is the The Comunidad de Madrid, without limiting the the possibility of developing activities on a National or International scale.
  • Bound to the Foundation Authority, part of the Consejería de Empleo, Turismo y Cultura (Employment, Tourism and Culture Department) of the Comunidad de Madrid.


  • Establish Madrid as a benchmark for contemporary design.
  • Foster, promote, create, project, research, edit, preserve, document, showcase and disseminate Design as a cultural, economic and social asset.
  • Foster collaboration among people who actively take part in design culture, or people interested in its development, particularly among people, companies, entities or institutions who carry out professional activities within this field by managing Centro de Diseño Madrid
  • Carry out all kinds of regular or sporadic activities that help add content to Centro de Diseño Madrid.
  • Carry out and foster profession al training, educational and cultural activities at Central de Diseño.
  • Collaborate with DIMAD in the management of activities that require it.
  • Set up activities of interest for all sectors of the population to increase the influx of visitors coming into Matadero, with special attention to young audiences.
  • Contribute to establish Madrid as a brand name. Approaching all aspects of cultural and economic life in the city through design.
  • Disseminate Design Culture and make it more accessible to the general public by showcasing the best ideas and projects and by raising awareness of the useful advantages of its correct use.
  • Become a bridge between professionals and businesses. Between companies and designers.
  • Set up a network of companies and institutions interested in Design Culture.
  • Become a place of education and training. A melting pot of experiences and knowledge aimed at professionals, students, entrepreneurs, cultural and industrial managers and to the general public.
  • Attract international interest, not only through specific actions in the field of design, but also for its conceptual, geographical and social range.

Strategic orientation

  • Cultural: Cultural activities that favour the dissemination of knowledge in Design in all its relevant aspects. Events and activities in this program, will mainly be: exhibitions | samples | design conventions and meetings for professionals and companies specialized in design | workshops for design professionals | lectures and seminars.
  • Professional training: Training activities for entrepreneurs, students, young designers, and experienced professionals, which provide them with the training they need to carry out their professional activity: workshops | training courses | job searching techniques for young designers.
  • Services: Assistance for companies and professionals: enquires, consulting, business communication advice for institutions and companies that carry out their activity within the design sector and young designers.
  • Research: to further the development of design as an artistic, cultural, social, technical, and scientific form of expression. To set up research teams, assistance to researchers, education centres and Institutions of Madrid Autonomous Region to create research centres, libraries and other spaces of interest.


Communication with Public Administrations to foster and promote design research and training as an essential key for progress and development.

  • Constant training and education aimed at designers
  • Set up and establish design specialised companies and businesses
  • Social outreach of design culture
  • Set up venues, exhibitions and conventions on design
  • International projection of design in Madrid
  • Management of Central de Diseño

Economic information

Fundación Diseño Madrid manages all its activity through its own human and economic resources.

Fundación Diseño Madrid manages all its activity through its own human and economic resources.

As a foundation, its main sources of funding are:

  1. Contributions by the sponsors.
  2. Sponsorship linked to different projects.
  3. Institution subsidies and collaboration agreements.
  4. Donations
  5. Service revenues.

Takes part in

  • Federación Española de Centros de Promoción del Diseño (Spanish Federation for the Promotion of Design Centres)
  • Consejo de Cultura (Culture Council) of the Comunidad de Madrid
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