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BID set up the Training and Design BID Meetings as one of its most important initiatives. Its main objective is to create an Ibero-American community of training institutions to debate on common grounds, exchange experiences and processes and to provide solutions to Ibero-American design teaching.
The BID Meetings were held annually until 2013, when the event changed its name to BID Meeting for Design Training Centres and began to be held every two years.
In its sixth edition, it has established an important network of Ibero-American universities, training centres, centres of professional studies and companies.

The BID Meeting for Design Training Centres is a platform for meeting, debating and coordinating the Ibero_American Training Centre community. Set up by DIMAD as part of the Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID).

BID proposes a series of work discussions and debates that present, question and analyse management models and training process experiences from design schools and universities as well as post-graduate and doctorate research projects. In addition, it aims to foster and promote innovative projects carried out by young design students through the Students´ Sample (bid_est), an exhibition that brings together the best pieces made by students as a result of an educational and curricular proposal of classroom methodology.

BID Meeting aims to explore the contents of design and the design training centres’ models of participation as sources of knowledge. This venue´s main objective is to analyse and disseminate new educational structures, new action environments and new ways of collaboration and cocreation as well as the philosophical and social aspects and the methodological consequences of design approaches.

6 editions

225 lectures

250 universities and schools

58 conferences

2.100 participants

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