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Design has established itself as a productive activity where a process based on innovation significantly and structurally affects both culture and economy. The progressive visibility and relevance of design in society is reflected in the exponential increase in the number of professionals and their international projection, the proliferation of design schools and the subsequent increase in students, resources, journals and specialised events in the sector. These facts have changed the social aspect of design turning it into a trade in constant change and development, where the quality of the work done by Spanish designers is recognized outside Spain’s borders.
In the last few decades, design has become the fundamental creative engine contributing to the development of both industry and services. It has become a strategic factor for dynamization and economic progress in a globalized society.
This dynamization can only successfully take place with the organized interaction of the four social agents involved: businesses, schools/ training centres, public administrations and designers.
In this way, design creates a whole universe of objects and services that accurately respond to the cultural features of our society and becomes an essential part of the cultural heritage offered by those museums, galleries, dissemination spaces, and businesses which incorporate design in their production and communication strategies.

DIMAD Asociación Diseñadores de Madrid (Madrid Designers Association)

The Madrid Designers’ Association (Asociación Diseñadores de Madrid. DIMAD) is a non-profit organisation established in 2004 which carries out its activity on a national and international scale as part of the Comunidad de Madrid program.

This Association was set up with the sole purpose of becoming a strategic tool of reference to foster, map out, and disseminate design culture and the work done by the professionals in the field as a way of contributing to the progress, transformation and development of society as a whole.

The Madrid Designers’ Association acts as a bridge that unifies activities and experiences among designers, businesses, public institutions and design training centres, through which we promote the role of our Community in Spanish design and the importance of Madrid as a place to develop urban culture and economic activity.

DIMAD understands design as a real meeting point /melting pot for culture and economy. DIMAD particularly seeks interaction between students and young designers as well as professionals from other fields who are interested in promoting and developing the sector: architects, teachers, journalists, art directors, etc.

There are currently around 400 members of DIMAD, professionals with backgrounds in different fields of design (graphic, product, interior, fashion, web, services, UX, etc.), professionals linked to communications, teachers, design researchers, specialized training centres, and businesses committed to design.

The inclusive nature of our organization allows us to strengthen our work strategies around design training, thanks to over 15 DIMAD member training centres, as well as to highlight the value of the economic impact design has on the business world, with over 11 DIMAD member companies.

On December 2nd  2004, 17 designers (Manuel Estrada, Juan Ordax, Jacobo Pérez Enciso, Myriam Anllo, Gabriel Martínez, Frank Memelsdorff, Manuel Ángel García Alfonso, Sonia Díaz Marcelo Leslabay, Miguel Solak, Javier González Solas, Gabriel Allende, José Crespo, Manuel Jiménez, Javier Díez, Oyer Corazón and Mariano Serrano) signed DIMAD´s Founding Document. The association is currently managed by a Board of Directors made up by fifteen professionals, designers from different fields, teachers and researchers.

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