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Membership benefits

Members of DIMAD are part of a huge community of professionals in the field of design for which they enjoy a series of benefits and advantages

The benefits of being a member of DIMAD are:

  • Set up your own online gallery at dimad.org where you showcase your projects as an online portfolio to the over XXXX monthly visitors to our website.
  • Use the DIMAD logo as a member at the web and other spaces of professional outreach.
  • Use our communication channels to broadcast and disseminate any news such as awards, exhibitions, press releases, events, etc. (social network and newsletter for members)
  • Access DIMAD´s job bank.
  • Receive information every fifteen days on interesting activities related to design (events, exhibitions, workshops, etc.).
  • Discounts on all activities hosted by DIMAD that have an enrolment fee (courses, workshops, venues) such as the Ibero-Ameican Design Biennial, Producto Fresco or Big Food.
  • Discounts on design products and services such as bookshops, insurance companies, consultant agencies, co-working centres, print shops and digital manufacturing companies.
  • Receive invitations to all design events and conventions to which DIMAD is invited
  • Use DIMAD´s library.
  • Co-manage a di_álogos edition with DIMAD.
  • Set up venues of general interest at Central de Diseño, by proposing and leading activities adapted to DIMAD´s financial needs and schedule.
  • Set up individual, professional activities at Central de Diseño. These projects must always be linked to design and previously notified to DIMAD.
  • Free consultant services, (intellectual, industrial and legal property) on the first session and important discounts for additional services.
  • Grants and/or discounts on training projects hosted by DIMAD.

Additional benefits for collaborating members

DIMAD´s collaborating members (companies and training centres and Institutions) have the right to use Central de Diseño´s space to set up one-day activities as long as they are not in conflict with DIMAD’s schedule.

All design students from collaborating training institutions will receive the same treatment as DIMAD´s student members. Those students in their last year of studies who wish to apply will be exempt from paying membership fees for one year.

If you are a business or training centre and wish to become a member contact us at socios@dimad.org

List of membership discounts:

Graphicbook (bookshop)
5% discount on all their products

Librería Naos (bookshop)
5% discount on all their products

Librería Panta-Rhei (bookshop)
5% discount on all their products

La Central del MNCARS (bookshop)
5% discount on all their products

Cartulinas La Riva (stationary)
10% discount on all their products

Simple Informática (IT).
20% discount on the first service contract.

Bufete Garrigues (law firm)
Our collaborating company not only provides online consulting on industrial and intellectual property issues, but also offers important discounts on all their services.

ADESLAS. (insurance)
See conditions here.

10% discount on all their fees.

Online German print shop offers 5% discount on all their products as well as an aditional 5% for sponsorship for all DIMAD members.

Asesoría.net (consultant)
Online consulting agency that specialises in SME and the self-employed offers 10% discount on all their services to DIMAD members.

15% discount on their fees for SME and the self-employed. This discount applies both to current customers and new contracts.


Members that set up a Bloombees account using the DIMAD code will receive €50 on Bloombees credit, personalized service, assistance to set up a Bloombees shop, free advertising on social networks and dissemination through Bloombees´ communication channels.

Aurelio Burgueño, the only Spanish professional with the Adobe Certified Expert, offers a 10% discount on all his online Adobe courses. To receive your access code contact socios@dimad.org

€5 discount on all their fees DIMAD.

Contact DIMAD

For any suggestion or enquiry, or to receive membership access codes, contact us at socios@dimad.org (Raquel G. Ibáñez). We will try and solve any doubt you have as best we can.

DIMAD is an association with over 400 members and a great number of collaborating entities eager to contribute with their initiatives. For this reason, we wish to foster and support our members and the communication between them as well as with businesses and companies.

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