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Boards of Directors

On Tuesday 29th November 2016 an Extraordinary General Meeting took place where the new association´s board of directors was elected. It is currently formed by:


Soledad Hernández de la Rosa




Graphic Designer trained in Fine Art, Psychology and Philosophy. She actively takes part in painting workshops that take place at the Círculo de Bellas Artes with Isidoro Valcarcel Medina -Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas 2007-(National Visual  Arts Award), Francesc Torres and Concha Jerez. She collaborates in the production of La Cabeza del Dragón (The Dragon´s Head) exhibition by Francesc Torres, (at the Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía).

In 1986, she established her own design studio: Publyco, specializing in publishing design, corporative image and visual identity programs.

She has been a member of the Board of Directors at AEPD since 2005 and was President from 2006 to 2009.

She has given several design lectures, been a jury member on several occasions and collaborated with public and private entities in the management of contests and venues aimed at designers.

Favourite Quote. “Sciences and Arts differ, mainly, in that while the former must point out to reliable or highly probable results; the latter must expect nothing but results of unknown reliability”.
Paul Valéry. Writings on Leonardo da Vinci.


Victoria de Pereda



Victoria de Pereda, Fine Art and Industrial Design Graduate, lived in Italy for six years working as a freelance designer, projecting for different studios and companies of international outreach.

In 1995, she moved to Madrid where she continued to develop her design career.

Her career has been linked to education since 1998: she managed the Product and Interior Design Department at the Instituto Europeo di Design for six years. In 2010 she set up the Área de Sostenibilidad (Sustainability Area) for IED Madrid for which she is currently responsible and where she has implemented an innovative education program through lesson plans applied to specific fields of design for both graduate and post-graduate courses. She is also responsible for several dissemination and awareness campaigns aimed at companies and institutions to promote sustainable design.

Since 2011 she has been part of the team and co-founder of GreenSigns, a Company that fosters sustainable development throughout different fields. She has also carried out design workshops to improve social development in León (Mexico), Shanghai and Niger.


Ignacio Valero


Lighting Designer and Architect

Ignacio Valero


Architect by training, he has worked as a Lighting Designer for over fifteen years, and collaborated with several renowned Spanish architects. He has designed the lighting for a wide range of venues (from major projects to unique lighting designs). He also specializes in projecting and calculating natural light, a field in which he has developed significant research. His teaching career is also quite extensive: he was a teacher and headmaster of the Escuela de Arte 4_Interior Design, teacher at ETSAM School of Architecture ;,and co-founder and project manager of Masterdia, a  Master program in Lighting Design for the UPM pioneer in this field in Spain. Regular collaborator in design and lighting issues in Spain and other countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Germany or the U.S.  He is a founding member of the Professional Lighting Designers Association APDI (Asociación Profesional de Diseñadores de Iluminación).


Rocío Bardín Mille


Rocío Bardín´s professional career was closely linked to Telefónica for over ten years, being elected Director of the Fundación Telefónica Madrid, a post she held for some years.

As an international coordination manager for several cultural projects, she helped found the photography collection of the Foundation.

In 2006, she left Telefónica to establish ABV Arte consultant agency, specialized in the creation, development and curation of contemporary art collections, and OA Madrid Gallery, specialized in retail and production of artistic creations that aim to explore the limits of art and design.


She has been in charge of two JustMad design sample editions, establishing communication between professionals in the sector.

She has also collaborated with the Company ArtFairs, in the development and management of JustMadMia in Miami.

Board Members

Pilar Acón Segura



Estudio Disolvente


Designer and co-founder of  Estudio Disolvente design studio. Professor at the ESD Madrid in the Department of Digital Technology and Product Design Projects.
Teacher at the EASD in Segovia. Department of Product Design Projects.

Academic Qualifications:

  • Fine art Degree, majored in Design from the UCM
  • Master´s Degree in Product Design and Development from the EASD Valencia

Additional Training:

  • Central Saint Martin´s School. University of the Arts London.
  • College of Engineering Design. Brunel University, London.

Fernando Carbayo


Product and Graphic Designer

Fernando Carbayo


A Graphic Design Graduate from Arte Diez and Product Design Graduate from the ESD, both in Madrid. He has been developing communication projects since 2010, combining his professional career in studios or agencies with his personal projects.

His interest in alternative cultural dissemination methods and in the potential of communications and design as agents of social change, led him in 2013, to co-found with a group of friends the collective «Autoedita o Muere» (Self-Publish or Die), from which they promote different exhibitions of a social/pro-active nature and events related to cultural dissemination and DIY culture. The latest has been awarded with the VEGAP Grant for creation.

Álvaro Catalán de Ocón


Product Designer

ACDO / petlamp


After finishing his Business Management and Administration studies from the Complutense de Madrid, he began his Industrial Design training at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan to later graduate with Honours at the Central Saint Martin´s College of Art and Design in London.

In 2004, he opened his studio in Barcelona, where he designed his LA FLACA lamp (DESIGN PLUS AWARD and DELTA award). In 2009 he moved to Madrid, where he established a new professional studio and where he teaches at the Istituto Europeo di Design.

In 2011 and 2012, he conceived and developed PET Lamp Project. The success of this product allowed him to further expand his projects by creating PET Lamp Studio S.L. PET Lamp Project, which has been backed up by several awards and nominations: nominated for “best product of the year” at the London Design Museum; Premio CODESPA for best charity SME; AD Award to Best Emerging Design Studio; Design for Development Award BID_14 (4th Ibero-American Design Biennial 2014), nominated for the 2014 Delta Award and for the 2015 German Design Award.

He combines his work with different companies with the self-production of his own designs such as HOME/OFFICE, PET LAMP, RAYUELA, CORNUCOPIA, CANDIL and LA FLACA.

Candela Cort


Headwear Designer

Candela Cort


She studied Fine Arts in Madrid.

She has developed her activity in the fields of painting, photography and millinery but has exclusively devoted time on the latter since 1987.


Her professional accomplishments in this field have been featured in fashion, theatre, opera, cinema and art.

The headwear she designs has been present at royal weddings and other international social and sport events. Her designs have been showcased at fashion shows in Madrid, Barcelona and New York.

Her work has been exhibited in several galleries ( B.D.Madrid, Vinçon Barcelona, etc.) and Museums (Reina Sofïa , Del Traje , Balenciaga, etc.) , having set up collaborative exhibitions with painters of the stature of  Eduardo Arroyo.

She has taken part in the costume design for theatre, films and musicals, such as the opera O Corvo Branco, by Bob Wilson, music by Philip Glass.

She has taken part in several courses, lectures, workshops, masterclasses ( IED, UPM, etc.) and two Post-Graduate Master´s Degrees in Architecture and Fashion at the  ETSAM in Madrid in the years 2015 and 2016.

She lives and works in Madrid.

Pepe Cruz-Novillo Jiménez


Designer and Architect

Cruz más Cruz


Born in Madrid in 1969. Designer and Architect from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

He co-Manages, with the sculptor and designer Cruz Novillo (National Award for Design and Academicist at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando-Royal Academy of Fine Arts San Fernando), their studio: Cruz más Cruz, that provides design and architecture services. Some of their best-known work has been visual Identity designs for: Correos-Spanish Post Office, PSOE, COPE, El Mundo, The Economist, Fundación ONCE, Visionlab, the Comunidad de Madrid´s regional flag, Repsol or the new facade of the Instituto Nacional de Estadística.

Teacher of Architecture at the Escuela Politécnica and of Design Projects at the Francisco de Vitoria University.

Anxo López




Anxo López is a designer who works for BBVA´s design strategy team. He is currently finishing his doctoral thesis on design as an economic activity in Spain for the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio.

He started developing his career in visual design and communication projects for both companies and Public Institutions. As a designer, he began working on projects that focused on the strategic aspects of design. First for XVDMC and later for Designit. He has worked with clients such as: Bancolombia, BBVA, Ferrovial, Gas Natural, L’Oréal Paris, Leroy Merlin or Vodafone.

He is well known for his career as an entrepreneur and teacher. He is a founding member of  Miúdo (selected in 2014 by Telefónica Open Future as the emerging business for its acceleration program). As a teacher, he has given lectures at places such as the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, BAU, Miami Ad School, IED, U-TAD and EOI.

Throughout his career, he has mainly focused on the promotion and dissemination of creative industries, as a co-ordinator at the utopic_School and  the co-working centre utopic_US, and as a regular collaborator for Esquire magazine.

Antonio Jesús Luna


Philologist, Writer and Editor


Philologist from Córdoba who has always worked with words. Writer, style corrector, literary advisor, editor, etc.

His leap towards the world of design began in 2003. First as Chief Editor in charge of REM Magazine for nine years and later as co-editor of ROOM Diseño magazine: an online and printed newsletter that has researched contemporary creations since 2012.

In the field of education, he teaches Written Communication for Designers at IED; and History of Design at the Francisco de Vitoria University.

A lover of peripheral design and eccentric projects (in its etymological sense, away from the centre).  Antonio Jesús Luna quotes this visionary mantra by Charles Eames: “my dream is to have people working on useless projects, these have the germ of new concepts”.

Javier Maseda




Javier Maseda is the Digital Design Director and Product Design Manager at IED Madrid, with graphic design, web design and creative direction backgrounds. He is a co-founder and member of Ipdea design and web development studio and creator of teenvio.com. – an online marketing e-mail app- His job is to design and develop web applications.

Mariano Martín


Architect, Interior and Product Designer



Architect by training from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He opened his studio in Madrid in 1999, named simply “mariano”. Since then, he has developed all kinds of projects: a small bar in Madrid, sports facilities in Fuenlabrada, some houses in Segovia, a party in Miami, a bottle of olive-oil, a house made of plywood, “black” outdoor furniture, a museum for kids, and even a pink exhibition!… He is also the tutor for the Interior Design Final Major Project at the Escuela Politécnica de Madrid. In 2012, he set up his own custom-made furniture production company, where every piece is made one by one, as it has always been done, and called it Marypoppins.

Belén Moneo Feduchi


Architect and Product Designer

Moneo Brock Studio


Belén Moneo has been a founding member of Moneo Brock since 1993, the year when her and Jeff Brock decided to open the studio in New York. She studied Art History and Visual Arts at Harvard University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988. In 1991, she Mastered in Architecture at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation in New York

She currently teaches at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. The studio opened its main office in Madrid in 2002, but kept branches and contacts in New York. They currently work on architecture, planning, and design projects in Spain, U.S., Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Her work as a designer has been showcased in catalogues of prestigious international brands. Her design is defined by the use of innovative materials, organic shapes, and bright colours. She has also taken part in designing exhibitions with entities such as COAM and IIDEX Canada. She has recently been appointed to be the President of the Jury for the FAD Awards.

Susana Sancho Céspedes


Interior Designer

Noviembre Studio


Susana Sancho Céspedes is an Interior Designer and a Fine Art Graduate from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Co-founder of the Madrid based design studio Noviembre Estudio, established in 2008, from which Corporate Architecture and Image and Product Design projects are carried out. This studio has been widely acclaimed and has received several prestigious awards such as: Young Designer Talent Spain 2013 granted by the magazine ELLE DECOR in its International Design Awards, Silver DELTA  in 2013, annual awards granted by ADI-FAD, Good Design Award 2010, award granted by the Museum of  Art, Design and Architecture in Chicago and the Premio Nacional de Artesanía (Crafts National Award) in the Innova category in 2009. Moreover, Noviembre Estudio has exhibited products in permanent collections at the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas de Madrid and at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.

She combines her professional activity with her academic career as an Assistant Professor in Integral Design and Image Management at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

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