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07.09.2018 a 06.01.2019

MadridGráfica 2018

Organized by Madrid City Council and DIMAD with the support of the Madrid Business Forum, Madrid Gráfica aims to show the value of graphics for visual communication, culture and economy in our society.

Madrid Gráfica is articulated through more than a dozen exhibitions and activities in emblematic places of the city, with the aim of pointing out Madrid as a reference city for graphics, an essential language for expressing reality and serving as an example of the function of design as an activity committed to the environment.

Among the exhibitions, «Ciudad Persona» (Person City) stands out, a collective exhibition of almost 600 posters to reflect on the humanisation of the city. This exhibition can be seen in La Nave. A selection of the 100 best works -selected by an international committee- will be at the Central de Diseño de Matadero Madrid, Plaza Juan Goytisolo (in front of the Reina Sofía Museum) and Plaza de Oriente.

In parallel there will be individual exhibitions of the members of the selection committee of this edition of Madrid Gráfica, four outstanding graphic designers: Milton Glaser (USA), Philippe Apeloig (France), Teresa Sdralevich (Italy/Belgium) and Armando Milani (Italy).

Madrid Gráfica also includes other collective exhibitions, such as «Poster for Tomorrow».

Typo-Apeloig. A Parisian in America

From september 6th to 29th
Casa de América

Each of Philippe Apeloig’s posters reveals a story. We discover them little by little, in spaces inhabited by exciting letters and characters understandable and accessible to all.

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I love Milton

From september 14th to november 18th
Museo Nacional Artes Decorativas

Essential exhibition dedicated to  Milton Glaser, for being the first time that we can see an exhibition of his iconic works in Madrid.

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Poster4tomorrow. 100 Posters for Human Rights

From september 17th to october 10th
Facultad de Bellas Artes UCM

Poster for tomorrowis the flagship project of 4tomorrow, an independent non-profit organisation based in Paris whose aim is to encourage people, both inside and outside the design community, to make posters to stimulate debate on issues that affect us all.

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Person City

Selection 100 posters
– Plaza de Oriente & plaza de Juan Goytisolo: from october 1st to 31st.
– Central de Diseño Matadero Madrid: from october 2nd to november 11th.

All the posters
– La Nave: from october 4th to november 15th.

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Armando Milani. Posters&logos

From october 3rd to november 15th
Círculo de Bellas Artes (Azotea & Pecera)

After his first collaborations with Giuluio Confalonieri and Antonio Boggeri, Armando Milani (Milan, 1940) launched his own design studio in Milan in 1967, focusing on corporate graphics, brands and poster design.

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Upside down. Graphic work by Felipe Taborda 1983-2018

From october 3rd to 30th
Casa del Reloj Cultural center (Arganzuela)

Felipe Taborda is a graphic designer, author and curator from Rio de Janeiro. Since 1990 he has had his own studio, acting mainly in the cultural, editorial and phonographic areas.

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Simultaneous translation. Posters by Teresa Sdralevich”

From october 11th to november 18th
IED Madrid

IED Madrid, DIMAD’s partner centre, hosts this exhibition part of Madrid Gráfica 18 curated by the collective Un Mundo Feliz.

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Tristana. A typeface for Buñuel

From october 17th to november 11th
Cineteca Madrid

This exhibition presents a collaboration project between some of the best current typographers and the Zaragoza School of Design to create a typography in homage to Luis Buñuel. The project is subsidized by the Government of Aragon.

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